Gentle & Powerful
Sacred Femininity

From October 11th to 15th, 2023
On the island of Tenerife

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A magnificent setting to recharge yourself
Guided nourishing practices
Authentic moments of sisterhood
Deep transformations and understandings on your path of Sacred Femininity...

And all of this on a tropical island in Europe: Tenerife.

In recent years, we have been talking more and more about Sacred Femininity, but spaces to embody both our power and our gentleness remain rare in our daily lives.

We wanted to create a sensory journey, where pleasure and connection will be the pillars of rediscovering your sacred bliss.

A gentle passage to directly tap into the Source of your Femininity, your bliss.
This retreat is a true journey to the heart of your Sacred Femininity.
Cécile Hor and Amma Polovsteva offer you a space-time
of sensory, energetic, and spiritual exploration.
Here's a brief overview of a typical day in this 5-day retreat:

"After a morning feminine yoga practice and a delicious and vibrant breakfast, you find yourself enjoying the morning in the beautiful surroundings.

Whether it's lounging by the pool, having individual sessions with Cécile or Amma, or treating yourself to a massage with Ivan, the choice is yours!

After delighting your eyes and taste buds with a savoury lunch, we dedicate our afternoons to guided body and energy practices in our welcoming sanctuary or on excursions to high-vibration locations:
dance, tantra, yoni-yoga...

In the evening, we gather in a circle to share and connect."
The activities and practices will be conducted either at our retreat location or in nature during excursions.
  • Yoni Yoga
    Yoni Yoga is a beautiful body ritual that soothes the mind, connects us to our femininity, grounds us in our womanly bodies, and allows us to become aware of the strength and flexibility of our pelvic floor..
  • Soul Photography Therapy
    Reveal the beauty of your soul and the present moment with pure simplicity.
  • Intuitive dance
    Through dance, we release blockages and explore our wild femininity
  • Tantra
    Exercises of inner and sensory exploration

    (no nudity or touching of erogenous zones)
  • Worldwide Womb Blessing
    We will join nearly 300,000 women for the collective meditation of the Womb Blessing.
  • Pratices in nature
    Two excursions are offered:

    • The Teide National Park, a volcanic land to explore our grounding and yang energy.

    • The Anaga Primary Forest, to embrace the gentleness and abundance of the surrounding nature in its feminine, yin aspect.
The mornings will be dedicated to free time,
a time for personal connection or connecting with other women, but you will also have the option to schedule an individual appointment with the facilitators.
  • Soul Photography Session
    with Cécile
    Through this medium of photography, I offer you a unique and tailor-made experience for your self-love.

    An intimate moment that is deep, light, fun, and transformative.

    Each session is unique and personalised.

    >> More information here <<
  • Womb Healing
    with Amma
    If you need energetic, emotional, and physical support.
    Healing sessions to soothe feminine wounds (menstrual pain, endometriosis, sexuality, postpartum, etc.).

    After a conversation to better understand your situation, I will provide the healing treatment that best suits your needs.
  • Massage
    with Ivan
    I am delighted to share my energy with you to help you develop a deeper connection and understanding of your body.
    This includes the incredible movement meditation of traditional Thai massage and the gentle yet powerful healing technique of Chi Nei Tsang abdominal massage.

    >> If you want to know more <<
Considered as the healing island
of the heart chakra.

Many people come to this island and leave transformed.

Between the Teide National Park,
filled with obsidian and its grounding energy,
and the Anaga Primary Forests,

There are numerous opportunities for rejuvenation and replenishment.
Close your eyes and Feel.
The power and gentleness of the supportive earth.
The freshness of the coastal breeze.
The delicacy of the forest mist.
The playful strength of the waves that bring us back to our inner child.
Intermingled with the colors of butterflies fluttering around.

Hmm, savouring the beauty of a sunset with a view of the highest volcano in Europe, it's truly a dream, isn't it?!
The ecolodge "Spring of Tara"
Spring of Tara is a welcoming ecolofge specifically created to provide a place of peace and personal growth.
  • In an environment of great natural and scenic value, halfway between the sea and the mountains.
  • This ecolodge has been designed in accordance with the principles of Feng Shui. The spaces are distributed based on their uses and the energy of the element in each sector (Fire, Air, Water, Earth, Wood).
  • Practice room
    A spacious 65 m² room, filled with natural light, featuring a wooden floor and audio-visual support.
  • Yurt Accommodation
    Three spacious and cozy yurts are available for sharing, offering a peaceful and serene place to stay.
What the retreat will bring you concretely
Deep Connection to Self
Through body and spiritual practices, exploring our gentle and powerful femininity.

Authentic sharing among women, support from the circle
A Travel Experience
Feeling a new place with a high consciousness vibration
Path of growth
The journey of Sacred Femininity is a beautiful path towards discovering our true selves
A moment for yourself, to realign and take care of yourself.
That you can draw inspiration from to bring harmony into your everyday life once you return home.
For whom?
This retreat is open to all women who are eager to give themselves a deep space and time for connecting with their Sacred Femininity.
  • It is for women who want to connect with their hearts, senses, and intuition.
  • It is for women who desire a space of sisterhood and meeting the sacred feminine.
  • It is for women who want to reconnect with their creative power.
  • It is for women who wish to reconnect with their bodies.
  • It is for women who want to reconnect with their original matrix through nature.
  • It is for women who would like to take time to honour themselves.
Who are we?
Cécile Hor
French photographer residing in Tenerife, the beautiful island known for its heart chakra healing energy. She is a mother to a wonderful little being.
Her life's work revolves around capturing the essence of the soul through photography. She has dedicated a significant part of her life to understanding the meaning of "Love," especially self-love. Cécile is inspired by a simple, natural, gentle, and joyful life, filled with love, smiles, laughter, and sharing. She finds beauty and harmony in the ordinary and loves adding a touch of sparkle, rose, and gold.

Art is the path her soul has found to express the depth of its beauty. Cécile believes that a healer is someone who awakens your own consciousness to heal yourself. She is empathetic, sensitive, and above all, a lover of life with all its vibrant colors and flavors, eager to embrace it fully. Photography allows her to capture the essence, the indescribable, and the invisible aspects of a person. She offers to accompany individuals in illuminating the subtle power of their being. Each session is completely personalized and unique. She works in nature, a magnificent mirror of your infinite potential.
Amma Polovtseva
Sacred feminity therapist, doula, Moon Mother, yoga teacher, and Birth Keeper.
She sees the expression of sacred femininity in every woman and has devoted herself to helping women explore this divine aspect within themselves. She understands that the integration of spirituality and sensuality is essential for living in harmony within our bodies as souls. Amma offers energetic treatments for the feminine (Womb Blessing®, womb care, feminine soul healing), anointments, intimate steam sessions, and more.

She also accompanies women who wish to experience a conscious, natural, empowered, respected, and enjoyable childbirth.

Her greatest dream? That every woman and man can embody their divinity with simplicity and freedom, so that together, we can give birth to a New World based on Consciousness, Respect for Life, and Harmony.
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Gentle & Powerful Sacred Femininity
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