Pleasurable Birth

Giving birth gently and without pain, myth or reality?
Birth and Pleasure
These two words may seem paradoxal.
Childbirth is often described as a painful, even traumatic experience.
Can we really consider giving birth pleasurable?
First time I heard about orgasmic birth, It sounded very logical! I told myself YES! of course! We conceive our baby in pleasure, wouldn't it be normal to bring forth our baby in pleasure too?
However, I was surprised by the reaction of some of my friends, a reaction diametrically opposed to mine. They thought it was weird, impossible or even unwholesome ... I tried to understand their reaction.
What would make them choose pain rather than pleasure?
The term Pleasurable Birth clashes against all family, cultural and religious conditioning.
Since we were very young, our moms, grannies and aunts have told us how painful it was to give birth. The Bible also speaks about it "I will increase the suffering of your pregnancies, you will give birth with sorrow" (Genesis 3:16)

But we often forget that birth is sexual in nature, in the first sense.
According to the dictionary: "sexual", which is related to the conformations and particular functions of the male and the female, of the man and the woman.
Personally, the term Orgasmic Birth seemed logical to me because I realized that the act of birth is the direct result of the act that precedes it: the sexual act.

Note that the same hormones are released, and result the same physical phenomena:
  • oxytocin (also called the hormone of love) circulates abundantly,
  • the uterus contracts,
  • the nipples are erect,
  • an intense sensation of penetration is felt
To learn more about the role of hormones during childbirth, click here.
    We all know how the human brain can be conditioned to believe that something is, when it is actually not. We can take this famous example of a sailor who was kept in a cold room, when they finally found him he was dead because of the cold… The extraordinary thing that the cold generators were not working… He believed so much that he was in the cold chamber that his body followed.

    What if it is the same for child birth?
    Centuries of conditioning about how painful childbirth is has had an effect on how we think and feel about birth.

    Can Childbirth really be orgasmic?
    The American midwife Ina May Gaskin asked 151 women (who gave birth at home and open to this kind of experience) and 82 of them (54%) said they had an orgasmic birth!
    Obviously, this firework ending of an Orgasmic Birth can only be possible if the woman is in an intimate environment, alone or with her companion and midwife, fully confident in her body, to her ability to give birth and sexually uninhibited to break the psychological walls between birth and sexuality.

    There's a big gap between very painful childbirth we heard so much about (or felt!) and a pleasurable birth. This type of birth can be too far to conceive. But what if we could use natural tools to make the birth more pleasurable?

    Intimate ambiance, yoga, mantras, acupressure, massage, hypnosis, are all natural alternatives to help the woman to ride the intense waves of birth without medical "painkillers".

    These different methods can help the woman to accommodate the waves that are becoming stronger. But it is very important that the woman accepts these waves positively. Natural alternatives like prenatal yoga, visualizations, specific breathing techniques etc ... will encourage the woman in her path of acceptance of this intensity. She will make waves feel like her friend, her ally.
    If, on the other hand, the woman closes to the contractions and lives them in an aggressive way, no remedy will relieve her
    One of the main idea of Penny Simkin in her book "The Birth Partner, a complete guide to childbirth for dads, doulas and all other labor companions", is the concept of the 3 R's: Relaxation, Rhythm and Rituals.

    All the tools that I propose in my Pleasurable Birth Preparation are made to help create a personal ritual between or during the contraction, in a certain rhythm in order to relax as much as possible and immerse yourself in this instinctive and wild trance that is the experience of birth.
    Orgasmic Birth
    Amber Hartnell of Hawaii said she experienced an orgasm during labor when she gave birth to her son in September 2005.
    Every woman is different, every birth is different.
    The pain is a reality for the majority of women.
    And this should be respected because I believe it has an important role to play.
    But I'm sure that mental work that aims to free ourselves from fears and helps us to reprogram our brain toward another kind of birth, a pleasurable birth, can change the game.
    A new horizon opens
    What if we tried something new?

    Connected with our Wild Woman,
    Our Primordial Instinct,
    Our Feminine Intuition.

    Having faith in our body and being serene and relaxed is essential to consider
    a naturally pleasant birth.

    We won't all give birth in pleasure tomorrow, but considering a respectful birth, taking into account the mother and her choices is not too much demand,
    is not it?

    And if, in addition, we can have the orgasmic cherry on the cake ... :)
    Well, let's just go for it!
    What do you think? Feel free to express yourself by commenting!

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