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PRENATAL & postnatal yoga

Living a Joyful Pregnancy
An Empowering Birth
We consider pregnancy as an intense and beautiful time in a woman's life. Yoga during pregnancy helps us to live this moment with grace, sweetness and pleasure.
Online Birth Coaching
You don't live in Brittany, France but you feel drawn
by the methods I propose?
I invite you to a personalized coaching during and after pregnancy.
Yoga, meditation, Preparation Birth Pleasure, and a continuous support during and after pregnancy.
Prenatal Yoga
Prenatal yoga has many benefits for pregnant mama:

  • Toning muscles
  • Relieve hassles of pregnancy (back pain, heavy legs, insomnia, stress ...
  • Improve blood circulation
  • Keep flexible
  • Better knowing of the changing body, apprehend and control the sensations it gives us
  • Be zen and manage emotions
Pleasurable Birth Preparation
Preparing to give birth naturally, gently, and serenely.
The body of the woman is made to give birth.
Dr. Dick-Head explains that in the absence of the syndrome "fear-tension-pain" the birth can be done without suffering. Birth then becomes an unforgettable joyful and intimate experience.
I offer you a holistic birth preparation:.
Je vous propose une préparation à la naissance holistique:
  • A physical preparation through yoga and dance: prepare the pelvis to be mobile, learn to breathe during the opening period, as well as for the expulsion period.
  • A mental preparation with hypno-birth techniques (Mongan method): affirmations, visualizations, know how to relax your body immediately.
  • Emotional preparation through meditation
This preparation is intended to help you:

  • to trust yourself
  • to free yourself from your fears about birth
  • to allow yourself to let the wild woman in you be
  • to learn how to listen to your instincts and intuition
Each woman is unique, each childbirth is different.
I propose a multitude of techniques and methods that you can use at your leisure during the birting day.

The doula is a woman beside the pregnant woman and those around her.

She listens to her desires, her needs and follows her choices.

I propose a support in continuity, a relationship of trust, complicity and intimacy from woman to woman.

I can be present at birth if the mother wishes. I also offer my help postpartum.

I aslo offer an online Birth Coaching.
Blessing Way
Pregnancy ritual
The blessing way is a ritual from Native American culture that honors and celebrates the woman who carries life.

In other words it's a moment between friends to pamper and accompany the future mother with kindness and compassion in this adventure of motherhood.

The time of a day or an afternoon, we offer to the future mother all our presence and our support.
The blessing way is punctuated by strong moments such as belly molding, massage with 4 hands or more, the making of a birth bracelet, a patchwork of a hundred wishes for the baby ...

If you want to organize a blessing way for your friend or you want to receive one, just give me the list of guests and I take care of everything!
I will be happy to facilitate the activities we have chosen, as well as a yoga mama session, pleasure birth preparation.
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