Female Energy Awakening

As a Moon Mother I offer you energy treatments
for awakening all aspects of our authentic feminine energies,
a return to the feeling of feminine wholeness, of love, of inner peace,
of sacred and spiritual connection.

The vision of Womb Blessing is to create a world in peace and harmony,
by sensitizing and awakening all women and people who identify with the feminine gender, with their authentic feminine energy.
Whatever their social status, sexuality, religion, ethnicity or nationality.
The intention is also to create healing, harmony, understanding and emancipation in each person's life and to connect them to an international community of women who honor and respect the expression of feminine energies as well as others. than in themselves.
The Womb Blessing is a system for awakening gentle and powerful feminine energies, transformation and healing composed of:

> 5 Worlwide Womb Blessings per year given by Miranda Gray and the Moon Mothers

> The individual Womb blessings, Womb Healing and Feminine Soul Healing given by the Moon Mothers

Beautiful photo by Serena Oakley, Moon Mother and owner of Willowroot Healings Arts
As a Moon Mother® initiated by Miranda Gray, I offer you different treatments and practices to connect the power of the Divine Feminine.
1. Worlwide Womb Blessing
It's time for every woman to feel complete, powerful, and to heal, physically and mentally. It is time to awaken our "authentic femininity" - to understand and express who we are as women in the world. The Worldwide Womb Blessing is an international meditation designed specifically to harmonize the energy of the feminine and enable women to bring healing and awakening into their lives

The harmonization of the Womb Blessing is an energetic process that allows women to connect with universal feminine energies, the Moon and the Earth, and to fully awaken the four female energy archetypes that inhabit them.

The Worldwide Womb Blessing is a remote energy process that is practiced in groups. Healing and enlightenment are directed towards the energies and collective patterns of the group of women participating in a chosen schedule. Women are connected to each other from uterus to uterus, forming a global network

We offer five World Blessings a year, the days around the Full Moon: February, May, August, October and December.

Sign up now for the next Blessing of the Uterus on the official website: www.wombblessing.com

If you are near Douarnenez, join us for a women circle, just send me an email for more info.
2. Personnal Womb Blessing
Awakening of Women's Energies to Love
The awakening of feminine energies is a system of energy methods that connect women to a specifically feminine vibration and lead to:

- A personal transformation and a return to a more free and authentic form of their femininity

- A harmony and a balance of the 4 archetypes, to create a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being through the cycles in the life of a woman

- A more intense opening to the Divine Feminine, as well as an elevation of their vibration

- A growing understanding among women of their femininity and their way of life
Each awakening builds on previous awakenings by creating a path of self-realization, and personal growth and development.
The system of awakening feminine energies helps women (with or without uterus) to grow in self-acceptance, self-love, autonomy, and to follow a path of love and femininity in the world.

Personal Womb Blessing is a "transformative" experience that initiates deep spiritual changes and deep connections in a woman's life.
This results in a period of energy integration and healing of the four archetypes during the month following the Blessing.
3. Female Soul Healing
Balance of women's energies
The Feminine Soul Healing is a treatement of support for any woman wishing to reconnect with her feminine soul. It is an awakening to the path of personal discovery of our femininity and a welcome of female archetypes in our lives.

The healing activates and harmonizes the three energy centers of women (not to be confused with the system of chakras or meridians) located in the female body.

Namely: the pituitary gland, in the brain that reflects spiritual awakening and universal connection; the heart center, which reflects relationships and connections and the Uterus, the center of your relationship to the Earth, your Mother, creativity, sensual sexuality and feminine spirituality and reflects the daily expression of archetypes .

Some of the benefits of the care of the female soul:
> raises the vibration of the woman

> opens the energy centers of women to Divine Feminine

> acceptance of your body, your sexuality, your life, your creativity, your spirituality

> increases your power to act by strengthening your confidence

Remote access possible
4. Womb Healing
Balance of women's energies
The Womb Healing is a supportive experience designed to replenish our energy levels, and gently release blockages in the facets of the four archetypes that are already awakened in a woman's life.

The care helps to create a balanced and harmonious energy flow through the energy centers and through the archetypes.

We do not use any of the Womb Blessing techniques and there is no integration period, as energy has not brought any transformational change.

>> If a woman goes through a major crisis, whether physically or in her life, it is best to start with the Womb Healing, which is gentler and will support her. After a few sessions if the energies are more stable, she will be able to integrate more easily the energy of the Womb Blessing.

Remote access possible

5. The Gift for Men
Helena Cooper
The "Gift" is a gift of the presence of the Divine Feminine for men. He raises the vibration of man and awakens his consciousness to the Divine Feminine, bringing healing, validation, love and transformation. It can be seen as a validation of authentic masculinity and the liberation of its expression in the world.

A man can receive the gift regularly to help him stay centered and balanced in his energies and to help him develop his understanding of the meaning of being a man.

Since the gift is a harmonization, there is a period of integration that seems to vary from one man to another. Once he feels that his integration period is over, a man can receive the gift again.

6. The Sacred Couple
Awakening and presence of the sacred feminine in the couple
Helena Cooper
A beautiful session for couples to receive a harmonization of the uterus for the woman and the gift for the man.

These two practices will be followed by an integration of energy, 28 days for women and a more or less long period for men.

The couple will begin a period of integration of energy together. This period will speed up the cleaning of patterns and blockages that are not in harmony with the values of the Divine Feminine.

This period can be felt with power including exacerbated emotions, physical symptoms, etc ...

It is essential that the couple is already in a process of spiritual unity for this session. It is also possible for the woman to receive the individual blessing at least once before the session in order to stabilize these energies in the vibration of the Divine Feminine.
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