Esctatic Birth

Helping women who wish to give birth naturally
Living a Satisfaying and Sovereign birth.

"Imagine what might happen if women emerged from their labor beds with a renewed sense of the strength and power of their bodies, and of their capacity for ecstasy through giving birth"
Dr. Christiane Northrup
Birth and Pleasure.
Two words that don't go together, you might say. Childbirth being considered, experienced, and felt in a painful or even traumatic way for many women. Having myself given birth to my first baby in pain, I can completely understand that this is a reality for the majority of women.

However, there are women who experience birth in a completely different way.
Women who reach ecstatic states during birth, and even orgasmic states.

What if that old adage: "You will give birth in pain" wasn't right.

After much research, I journeyed, I transformed myself, and I too was able to welcome the ecstatic states of a pleasurable birth for my second child.
This was not the result of some king of luck.

No, I wasn't "predisposed". I walked toward this birth conscioulsy.

What if we allowed ourselves to imagine birth as something other than painful?

What if we could open ourselves to ecstatic states during birth?
This program is for you if ...
  • You wish to give birth without epidural
  • You do not want hypermedicalisation during childbirth
  • You wish to be more confident in you ability to give birth
  • You want to be the actress of your birth
  • You are looking for a natural childbirth experience connected to the wisdom of your body.
  • You dream of a spiritual, respected and authentic childbirth.
My invitation? Aim for the moon
If we don't reach it, let's land in the stars anyway!
The 6 pillars of exploration
Learn to let yourself go to the ecstatic states of birth thanks to the various concrete tools that are easy to put into practice.
Six pillars that I myself explored to put all the chances on my side and experience the pleasurable birth that I so desired.
  • I am confident
    • Our collective and personal programming about birth
    • Hypnobirthing
    • Identifying and releasing fear ans conditionnements
  • I am serene
    • Meditations
    • Yoga
    • Energy healings
    • Guided relaxation
  • I am wild
    • Why is it essential to meet and embody our wild woman for birth
    • Danse
    • Meditation
  • I am sensual
    • Role of pleasure in our life
    • Importance of a sensual birth atmosphere
    • Sensual practices
    • Sensual Meditations
  • I am sexual
    • Perineum practices
    • Sacred sexuality practices
    • Birth preparation through sexuality
    • Cervix orgasm
    • Yoni dearmouring
  • I am spiritual
    • Elevate our vibration
    • Acceptation
    • Chakra Méditation
    • Cellular Orgasm
    • Intentions & electromagneticfield

Premium Offer
The Premium Offer is for those who want the best,
for those who wish to put ALL the chances on their side,
for those who prefer to be accompanied step by step,
through individual sessions with Amma, 100% personalized.
  • Quality
    Quality expertise at the service of your well-being
    and your transformation
  • Multi-level support
    After listening and going deep into your personal story, I'll offer you oral transmissions, embodiment practices and energy healings
  • Availability
    For 4 to 7 months I remain available to answer all your questions, to support you emotionally and energetically.
  • Personalized energy healings
    Quality Feminine energy healings that has proven itself with more than 300 women supported.
Meet Amma
  • Amma Polovsteva
    Holistic therapist, Doula,
    Yoga teacher, Energetician
I see in every woman the expression of the sacred feminine. She made it her mission to help women explore this divine aspect within themselves. Aware that the marriage between spirituality and sensuality is essential to live in harmony in our bodies as souls, Amma offers different tools for self-connection such as yoga, dance, tantra, energy treatments...

Motherhood being one of the most important rites of passage for women, Amma offers future mothers a holistic preparation for birth which she calls Journey to Birth Pleasure. The Naissance Plaisir online program that she designed supports women who want to experience a conscious, natural, powerful, respected and pleasant birth. For this, different facets of our femininity are approached to return to our original state of grace, wise and wild, which knows how to give birth.
I'm glad you're here ❤
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